Scorpio – Horoscope 2018 Forecast for career, love, business

The 2018 horoscope is full of power and energies for you, Scorpio. That said, do not channelize your energies in anger, and try to be polite in your speech. Much positivity and peace will come to you if you will learn to react in a soft and kind manner. You will be honest and frank in your expression with the grace of certain planetary positions. But, you need to understand the minor difference between frankness and bluntness as exalted Mars from March to November can create issues due to your blunt comments. On a brighter side, movement of Mars will be positive for your siblings. Overall, you will be dedicated, strong and focused during this year.

Support from father will give you satisfaction throughout the year. The year is full of wonderful opportunities. You feel a sense of comfort with your inner self. The time is suitable for exploring your inner self and following your hobbies and passion. A spiritual travel is also on the cards for much needed rejuvenation break.

Abroad settlement or merely a long trip during March to July is expected with the grace of retrograde Jupiter in your 12th house. However, there might be a return flight in this period only. On the business front, take care while dealing during the month of March. Try to control your expenses by making a budget and following it strictly.

You would behave organized and disciplined during this year. Your blunt and open approach due to Saturn will keep your enemies out of sight. However, Jupiter transit in Scorpio beginning from October will not be pleasing. Nevertheless, months before this transit will be beneficial in terms of income. On the job front, expect support from colleagues but not after October. There is a need of a cautious approach and patience to retain your position.

On the love and marriage front, there might be some issues in married life after the month of August. Expect physical gap between both of you. In order to rectify the damage, express love and care to them. In case, you are looking for the second marriage, 2018 might be the suitable period.

Period from March to July would be a hard patch for students due to retrograde Jupiter. In this period, avoid changing your field of study or subject. If you accept the on-going change, you may regret it later. Stick to your choice and you will improvement in the circumstances around.
Overall, 2018 is rewarding except the need of patience and control over anger.