Sagittarius – Horoscope 2018 Forecast for career, love, business

The Year 2018 horoscope would give you mixed results, Sagittarius. Saturn transit over your Moon sign would invoke the kindness and maturity within you. You will feel inclined towards philanthropic activities. However, retrograde Saturn from April to September will disappoint you. Confusion and unbalance will lead you so, it is best if you postpone taking major decisions of life during this period.

The year will be rewarding and progressive. You will see growth but only if you will put continuous efforts, dedication, focus and hard work. However, Saturn will restrict you a little bit especially if you are planning to expand your business. You will get time to revise your choices and decisions.

Career prospects will be positive during this year. Expect good profits and progress. Income prospects will be satisfactory and stable. You would fulfil your desires and wishes due to the blessings of planets. With success comes expenses so try to curb your expenditures.

Expect cutthroat competition and obstacles in your path of success. Prove your mettle like a true Sagittarius. Expect frequent work related travels. There is a need to move on from past with courage and combat hurdles with dedication and hard work.

In terms of investments, there will be high profits from past real estate investments. The year may give you your dream home. That said, the month of October demands caution. Although, business and income are your strong areas in this year, still be alert and attentive from March to July due to retrograde Jupiter.

There might be some problems at your job due to Saturn from April to September. You need to work hard and concentrate on your goals. There is no room left for delays and knock back from your end. That said, there are chances of foreign settlement. Your mind will be disturbed due to hovering thoughts of job change but try to ignore them as time after October will be positive for you.

Expect some disputes leading to stress in relationships. Be patient and calm and take the wise decision. A positive approach towards life is required. Also, control your aggression and habit of commenting in front of your partner as this can ruin your relationship.