Libra – Horoscope 2018 forecast for career, love and business

The 2018 horoscope is full of fortunate events for you, Libra. Happiness and prosperity will follow you due to Jupiter, the luck lord. Your social circle will increase and you will involve yourself more in gatherings, parties, and meetings. Your mind and body will be coordinated and you will have a sense of stability and liberation. On the career front, planets are in mood to support you in fulfilling your dreams, Libra. The time is great to explore yourself and your inside philosophies.

There is a lot of support and courage coming from the cosmos. You will pass all the hurdles in your way with the help of that support. That said, there is a need to stay alert while committing any deals as fake promises can lead to embarrassing and awkward situations.

There will be some obstacles at your workplace, which will force you to change the job due to retrograde Jupiter from March until July. Keep patience and decide maturely, it will be a good idea to stick to the current job only. Try to adjust according to the circumstances. Try to maintain cordial relationship with co-workers at office for betterment. Beware of enemies and competitors as they can confront you anytime. On a positive note, father will support you throughout the year which will become an inspiring factor to perform well.

Year 2018 horoscope might bring some stress and workload in your life from April to September. Avoid taking important decisions at this time. Think twice and then take decisions. Do not lose your temper and be patient.

You will be satisfied with your income in the period from May to November due to exalted Mars. Income prospects would increase due to opportunities of freelance work. Your financial condition will see a drastic change as some stuck property will release. Happiness and peace will flow in your family.

You will have confidence and will power to fight your rivals in the month of October due to Jupiter transit in Scorpio. You will excel in cracking business deals in this period without hesitation. However, you might feel some stress due to confusions around you. On the bright side, time before October will be fruitful and happy.
Overall, except efforts and focus on money matters, the year seems progressive and productive.