Gemini Horoscope 2018 forecast for career, love and business

Year 2018 horoscope can be summed up to be full of happiness, power and at the same time hurdles and obstacles. Your zeal will urge you to give your best with positivity at work. However, some challenges will obstruct you. However, positively, cosmic powers will bless you with support and luck to perform better in your key areas of life.

Rahu sitting in your 2nd house will not let you fulfill your commitments and promises. This will give rise to embarrassing and difficult situations due to fake promises. Therefore, it will be a good idea to think twice and then commit to any targets. Your interest in contributing in NGOs and volunteering for social work will increase. On the financial front, take care of your pocket before lending money to anyone, as they might not return it.

Jupiter retrogression from March to July will not let you take wise decisions. Your rivals may overshadow you in the period from May until November, due to Mars exaltation but concurrently, you will conquer all hurdles with courage and confidence due to Mars basic traits. However, planets demand a more cautious approach regarding health as accidents or injuries might happen. Do not hurry while driving or simply crossing the roads.

Gemini 2018 horoscope shows an improvement in career than earlier. An energetic and sparkling beginning is indicated. While name and fame is expected at the work front, foreign deals are likely to fall in your lap if in business. There is a need to maintain patience and cool. Your efforts will pay off well and will increase your income. However, expenses are likely to increase but the good news is that you will manage them well. Overall, career and income prospects will be satisfactory.

In terms of love and marriage, there are chances of you falling in love with someone at office. This relation might change into marriage too. There are possibilities of some arguments with spouse during the last few months of the year due to Jupiter transition in Scorpio. Overall, the year is progressive.
Largely, except attention in love and marriage, the rest of the year is positive.