Capricorn – Horoscope 2018 Forecast for career, love, business

Past investment of hard work and dedication will show amazing results this year, Capricorn. Success and fame is waiting for you with open arms. There will be plenty of opportunities to gain the limelight. In fact, Jupiter will also bless you with great income prospects this year.

On the career front, you will succeed and will proudly sit on the top. That said, success does not imply leaving the road of hard work and determination behind. Therefore, it is better you continue putting your focus and efforts for more rewarding results. Cosmos are blessing you with chances to expand your business or career dimensions. Overall, 2018horoscope seems satisfactory in terms of income. You will feel a sense of happiness and peace.

With success come hurdles. Expect problems from March to July due to retrograde Jupiter. Business needs you attentive and cautious side. Avoid taking an important decision in a hurry as they might trouble you later. Also, try not to change your job at this time and stick to the present one.

Your professional success might ruin your personal relationships. Misunderstandings and disputes might take a lead due to Rahu. There is a need to adopt a soft and polite attitude to tackle these problems and sustain the beauty of your close relationships. In fact, Rahu sitting in your partnership house might also create problems in business partnerships. Try to resolve the issue with maturity and sensible approach rather than shouting and stressing. Avoid putting your faith in others in matters related to documents.

From April to September, you might fulfill your dream of foreign projects. You will surely get a deal from abroad but expect some delays. However, after Saturn going in direct motion, everything will be back on track. You need to keep your patience and cool.
It seems like you will undergo many changes in your relationship. All those who are hesitating to express their love will finally get courage to speak. Married couples need a positive approach to build their relation even stronger.