Cancer – Horoscope 2018 forecast for career, love and business

Confusion and doubts will stress you in this year but Cancer 2018 horoscope will be much hopeful and positive as compared to 2017. Keep patience and act mature to solve the riddles of your life. There are plentiful opportunities waiting for you but you need to control your expectations and emotions to take its full advantage.

Confusion and disorder will continue due to the movement of Rahu. Situation demands your confidence, soon stress will disappear, and there will be clarity in matters. You need to utilize the opportunities with courage and fighting spirit. Concentrate on options rather than the hurdles and you will see growth. On a positive note, you may have a hold on beneficial assets like a business deal or ancestral property due to the blessings of cosmos.

2018 horoscope is positive in terms of career and business. You will make some beneficial and long-term contacts. Your desired business ideas will take shape in this year. Business will be rewarding due to your efforts and skills. However, be prepared for hurdles too. You will feel an urge to revise your choices and field of work in the period from March to July due to Jupiter. It will be a good idea not to change your job or business plan at this time. Keep your patience and avoid anger. There is a need to adjust for the time being as period after July will be worthwhile.

On the bright side, exalted Mars will bring opportunities and profits from May to November. Spouse and business partner will support you. However, there is a need of a frank and understanding approach towards spouse. Workload may not allow you to have family time so expectations from spouse need a break. Positively, you will get name and fame in this year.

Period from April to September will increase your expenses due to Saturn retrogression. Control your spending and pocket else, you will face financial problems. Area of studies will improve. On the love and marriage front, love life will be fine while married life may have some complications due to transit of Saturn. Marriage sector will see the face of happiness and peace after October.
Try to improve focus on career and avoid changes in major zones of life. Overall, the year would be satisfactory.