Aquarius – Horoscope 2018 Forecast for career, love, business

2018 seems to be satisfying your ambitious soul and dreams, Aquarius. The year is wonderful when it comes to your goals and gaining the spotlight. Your determination and dedication is outstanding. However, the year 2018 horoscope will also test your tolerance levels. Nothing is easy; especially success, so there is a need of constant hard work, as delays and obstacles are expected in your way. Overall, the year will end on a positive note.

Durable association between your finance house and ruling planet will bless you with wonderful earnings. However, with income come expenses. Thus, there is a need to keep a tab on your funds and adjust accordingly. The year will give you some long-term contacts. You will be over loading with emotions and eliminating practicality. You will undergo mood swings.

On the career front, except some minor changes, everything will be positive and rewarding. The year 2018 horoscope seems much better in the second half. Motivation, passion, and zeal to bring your career at peak and stabilizing it will rule you. You will make profitable contacts due to certain planetary positions. In fact, there are chances of a foreign project landing on your lap. There might be some issues with colleagues at office. You need to act maturely and make efforts to sort out these problems.

Jupiter retrogression is taking place in the month of March until July. You will manage and organize your things skillfully in this period. However, be careful and attentive in terms of money and income. Expect unanticipated increase in expenses which could be the cause of some stress. It will be a good idea to make a budget and spend accordingly.

Avoid situations invoking your anger and arguments and control your harsh words. Also, there may be a money loss due to your negligent behavior. There is a need to stay alarmed in terms of money.

The period from April to September 2018 is another foremost movement. In this period, try to stay miles away from misunderstandings and chaotic situations. Take help from your seniors and support from your elders to move-on faster. Learn to distribute your work without taking stress.